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Subtext Coffee

Banana, Toffee, Dried fruit

Field Blend

Washed – EA Decaf

1650 masl

Elias Roa

Finca Tamana

El Pital, Huila



One of the best decaf coffees we’ve ever tasted. Elias Roa’s washed field blend tastes sweet and balanced, with notes of toffee, banana, and dried fruit, with virtually none of those characteristic decaf-y flavours.

STORY: Elias Roa

Elias Roa is a longtime coffee producer, originally from Acevedo, Huila. He still maintains a few coffee farms there but Tamana in El Pital has become the crown jewel. It’s there that he has honed his craft with more precise processing and better drying. Furthermore, he now cultivates a wide range of varieties including some older stock heirlooms and even some African varieties. His wife, Bellanid, daughter, Derlin and son-in-law, Diego Campos, all help manage the farm as well as other plots of land in La Plata.

PROCESS: EA”Sugarcane”Decaf

Green coffee is first soaked in hot water and steamed to expand the cells of the seed. It is submerged in and washed with a natural solution of ethyl acetate, derived from the fermentation of sugar cane during the manufacturing of sugar. The ethyl acetate attracts and removes the caffeine from the seed.


A community blend made up of Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varieties.

Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon, and at one time made up the majority of coffee trees in Colombia. Its small stature led it to be planted in high density. Unfortunately, it is highly susceptible to leaf rust.

This led to efforts by the Colombian coffee research institute, Cenicafé, to cross Caturra with Timor Hybrids to generate rust resistance. The result was Variedad Colombia, which was largely successful for a time, and the new variety remained popular until leaf-rust mutations overtook its resistance.

Cenicafé continued the breeding process of Caturra and Timor Hybrid varieties to produce even better resistance to leaf rust. Ultimately this resulted in Castillo, which also benefits from high yields and good cup quality, making it the predominant variety grown in Colombia today. The name Castillo actually refers to a number of different forms of the variety, each tailored to a different regional climate in Colombia. This diversity has helped facilitate continued rust resistance.


Importer – Osito

FOB Pricing – 8.60 USD per kg

[FOB: “Freight on board,” usually the price paid to the coffee exporter for coffee ready to ship. This includes price paid to the producer as well as milling, warehousing and transportation costs plus any intermediaries’ fees and export costs.

Farmgate: The price paid by the exporter to the producer or producer organization.]

Relationship Length – This is the first year that Subtext has purchased coffee from Elias Roa.

Subtext Cupping Score – 86

Additional information

Weight250 g


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