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De Mello Palheta

Grape, Cherry, Mango

Pink Bourbon


1650 masl

Floriberto Y Faiber Arena

La Virginia, La Argentina, Huila

Floriberto and Faiber are second-generation coffee farmers. They recently moved to La Argentina, in the township of Mirador, in the last few years. Previously, Floriberto and his wife and children lived South of Huila, in Saladoblanco, about two hours away, soon followed by Faiber. Floriberto recently bought a farm, La Virginia, that had Pink Bourbon and Geisha, Red, Pink and Yellow Bourbons. Faiber did the same, purchased a farm nearby named La Vega and are now working together, mixing their coffees to make a dedicated Pink Bourbon lot. This varietal carries an interesting tasting profile and a lot of speculation when it comes to its origin and is very much sought by coffee buyers. Some producers in Huila have trees with a different characteristic: pink cherries.

Our importing partner, Shared Source, started working with the group in 2015, purchasing micro-lots at local auctions and trying to understand their challenges and find solutions. The solution was to use moisture meters to handle drying processes better, improving the storage of parchment coffee in the group’s warehouse, where it is less susceptible to heavy air moisture and re-humidification of dry coffee. Our importing partner paid Floriberto and Faiber 2 400 000 pesos per carga (125kg of coffee), CAD$ 2.80 per lb of parchment coffee, which he then transferred from Huila to a mil in Cauca at the importer’s expense.

Through ASOPROCAAR’s and Willington’s expertise, they developed a systematic and dynamic process on their farms. Coffee cherries are carefully picked, hand-sorted, separating un-ripe or over-ripe from their lots. The coffee is then de-pulped and fermented in sealing bags before being washed and placed on a large parabolic dryer on the farm. Floriberto and Faiber’s mastering of the entire farming to processing Pink Bourbon chain gives us a delicate, juicy and exotic cup, very «Ethiopian-like.» Very drinkable.

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