Colombia Tarqui Pequeños Espresso

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Subtext Coffee

Mandarin orange, Panela, Apricot, Chocolate

Caturra & V. Colombia


1700 masl

Aso-Tarqui farmers association

Tarqui, Huila

Shared Source


This beautiful lot from the Aso-Tarqui farmers group association truly shows the quality potential of community-produced coffee. This coffee is an expression of five producers, showing mandarin orange, panela, apricot, and chocolate.

STORY: Tarqui Pequeños
In the highlands of central-eastern Huila lies the municipality of Tarqui. Steep hills, several microclimates and soil types, and a plethora of tiny growers gives us an array of profiles. Our importing partner Shared Source has developed a strong relationship with an independent association of small growers called Aso-Tarqui. Member-funded and run, the group collaborates to improve their processing and connect with buyers. The group was formed by Francy Elena Osorio Criollo, a young and talented woman who understands the power of a collective in improving coffee quality and access to buyers, and she’s truly dedicated to improving the lives of her community members.

While spectacular coffees initially drew Shared Source to the zone, they found a really great opportunity to work more deeply with growers to improve all-around quality, from soil to cup. Shared Sources funds a farmer-to-farmer training program in ecological and regenerative land stewardship – in December, they brought in farmer experts from another group in Tolima (ASOPEP), and coordinated a workshop that focused on post-harvest processing best-practices alongside training in organic agriculture trouble-shooting. Like in many rural areas, many members of the association are members of a few families. A collaborative and familial spirit means that ideas spread quickly, and there’s a cooperative sense as family members guide each other through new processing regimes. Family members share tips as many of them lessen their dependence on synthetic chemical inputs, and organic farms with healthy and more resistant trees and nutrient-rich soils offer themselves as guides, showing both yield benefits, as well as the reduced on-farm costs.

The producers who contributed to this lot are:
Fabio Escobar- caturra, variedad colombia
Enar Semanate- variedad colomba
Yaneth Trujillo- caturra, variedad colombia
Nilson Yunda- caturra, variedad colombia
Marisol Osorio- caturra


Importer – Shared Source – Shared Source – Our importing partner Shared Source is a Farm Gate buyer. They purchase coffee directly from producers in local currency, transferring funds directly into producers’ or their independent associations’ bank accounts upon delivery of parchment. Shared Source pays for transport to the mill.

Farmgate Pricing – 2,250,000 pesos per carga (125kg) – approx 4.60 USD per kg

[FOB: “Freight on board,” usually the price paid to the coffee exporter for coffee ready to ship. This includes price paid to the producer as well as milling, warehousing and transportation costs plus any intermediaries’ fees and export costs.

Farmgate: The price paid by the exporter to the producer or producer organization.]

Lot Size – Total lot size of 3,163kg. Subtext purchased 350kg.

Relationship Length – Shared Source has worked with Aso-Tarqui since 2016. This is the first year Subtext has purchased coffee from Aso-Tarqui.

Subtext Cupping Score – 86.5

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