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2000 – 2100 masl

Idido Private Station

Geodeo, Yirgacheffe Woreda

Idido is a private washing station situated just North of the town of Yirgachefe in Centra-Southern Ethiopia, Gedeo region. Located on a high plateau at a minimum of 1,800masl, Yirgachefe is a big city of 21,000 inhabitants and the administrative center of the Yirgacheffe woreda or district, one of the most important coffee-growing areas in the country.

The station is just a few miles up North and was established in 1998, then owned and operated by Ranger Industry and Trading PLC since 2017, a young Ethiopian company engaged in coffee export, coffee education, quality control and sustainable relationships with their coffee growers. Created in May 2009, Ranger Industry, like many other actors on the Ethiopian market, tried to move away from the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) and directly export their coffee. This coffee was sourced with the help of our partner, Trabocca.

Idido’s private station is not meant to be confused with the Yirgacheffee Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), a different co-op station, famous as well, located a few miles away. Idido’s contributing farmers number over 800. As usual in Ethiopia, coffee is grown on small privately-owned farms of about 4ha, producing other crops such as ensete (false banana). Idido’s owners contribute financially to local schools each harvest to support their farmers’ families. Traditionally, smallholders grow their coffees at the farm, then bring them to the station for processing. Additionally, after coffees are sold, Ranger Industry distributes a second payment of 1 birr per kilogram of cherry to each farmer, a profit share equivalent to an additional 5-8% of a farmer’s revenue for the season. Competition is fierce in the Yirgacheffe region, and programs like the ones developed by Ranger are essential if they want to keep their farmers. Indeed, coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe are typically multi-generational, and their production is highly valued nationally and internationally. Translated as the «Land of Many Springs,» Yirgacheffe is indeed considered by many as the birthplace of coffee, with ideal topography, warm, temperate and humid climate, elevation and water sources to produce outstanding coffee quality.

The Idido private station is no exception: they produce exceptionally floral coffees, typical of the Yirgacheffe region. This results from careful fermenting, sorting and drying routines executed to perfection throughout the dramatic temperature fluctuations of Yirgacheffe’s unique high-elevation climate. Coffee cherries are directly dried for 15-21 days on raised beds and frequently rotated and covered during the hottest hours of the afternoon. The result is that classic but delicate and floral natural Yirgacheffe fruit bomb.

We hope you enjoy this coffee!

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